Friday, July 29, 2011

Letter to My Love

Dear Novel,

I'm not ignoring you, I swear. I know I haven't seen you in a few days, but it's been a rough couple of weeks. You'll be happy to know I met my goal of 10k words for the month of July, and it was all with you. I wouldn't mess around with another novel behind your back. Sometimes I think about flirting with a short story or a having passionate fling with couple of poems, but I always come back to you. I love you, Novel. I've loved many before you, and there may be others when our time is through, but they'll never have our story.

You and me, we've got something special.

I promise to go the distance this time. I'll take you all the way to the publisher. I'll get you the book deal you deserve.

And, don't worry. No matter my emotions when we part; I'll tell the next editor who sees your exposed secrets to be gentle.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a Little Dead

I'm not dead! I'm sure this will comfort some, if not all of you. But, in not being dead, I have also not been very active with my blog of late. Here's why:

1) I'm in writing mode. And when I'm in writing mode, I'm very bad at keeping deadlines. This might seem like a bad thing, as I someday hope that I'll be important enough to have writing deadlines, but I think that when I get to that point, I'll make it work. Come on book deal!

2) I've been dealing with an abundance of personal issues that are difficult, but also beneficial, because they're going straight into my WIP. Personal turmoil for me = personal turmoil for my MC. We're both experiencing character development, which can only lead to good things. And possible best sellers.

3) I'm sick. A final diagnosis is pending, but the front runner right now is a mono relapse, which makes me very sad. I didn't like mono the first time, so I'm probably not going to like it the second time (if it is the second time, which is also up for debate, as it might not be a relapse so much as recurrent symptoms). But even I would be silly to turn down a chance to sleep when I so desperately need it.

I'm trying to be better at keeping my status updated on Facebook (link in the sidebar, if you're interested!), but Google Chrome saves my passwords and web pages, so my personal account is usually open. This means I have to actively sign out and sign back in as myself (if that makes any sense) and with as little time as I spend on the computer at home, that generally doesn't happen. So, if you happen to be a friend of mine on Facebook, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Though, when I do, I'll be sure to tell you what it's like ;)


Friday, July 15, 2011

The One You Love to Hate

As I don't believe I have posted anything from my current labor of love, Bleed, I think I shall. I didn't have much time to work on it today, but I recently ventured over the 50k mark; safely putting me in novel territory. This is very exciting.

Here are a few paragraphs in celebration.

To give you a bit of an idea what's going on here, Max is the MC, and the head of a company that deals in the unexplained. They recently lost a team member, and Max has been putting off hiring a replacement. So, her coworkers decided to take things into their own hands....

It’s no secret that I’m not a people person, but I try my best to be at least pleasant when I meet someone. If they haven’t caused a problem that’s directly affected my life in some way, I give them the benefit of the doubt. But sometimes I just get a feel for someone and they rub me the wrong way. Sometimes I’m looking for something to be wrong with them. And the second I saw this girl, I was praying that there was something wrong with her.

She was a classic kind of beauty. She was tall and thin, and when she stood to greet us, I felt like I was talking to a gazelle. She had straight, shoulder-length blond hair that I assumed was natural, because her skin was pale and her eyes were a grayish blue color that kind of disturbed me. Jake had eyes like that. His were hazel, but some days they were green and other days they were brown. It always made me feel like I was looking at a different person.

Her smile revealed straight white teeth, but when she held out a hand for me to shake, I noticed that her nails were bitten all the way down. It was the only hiccup in her perfectly tailored image, complete with an expensive suit and four-inch heels that I knew cost more than I made in a month. She was the kind of person you love to hate, but the fact that she tripped on her designer heels as she tried to get across the room made me like her a lot more.

I hope you enjoyed it :)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I wonder where we, as humans, draw the line on natural instinct. I've personally been known to ignore a gut reaction or find a way to reason my way around it when I didn't want to think about what it might mean. I've been doing it for years. And no matter how well I talk myself out of something, or how long the illusion lasts, eventually it comes back around to that first feeling. And then I want to kick myself.

How I feel about something when I first wake up seems to be the most unbiased opinion I can muster. I'm still groggy, I've had dreams all night, and for a few minutes, my brain doesn't kick on. My subconscious has the upper hand because my conscious mind is still yawning. Sometimes it's a beautiful thing. But usually, I don't like the impression I get.

That feeling can be great, though. I've gotten up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea for a novel or a poem. I've had dreams that make fantastic stories.

It's a feeling I would like to have some control over. I'd like to be able to tap into that creative power at will.

Unfortunately, that also means that I'll have to pay attention to the negative aspects as well.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Long. Farewell.

I am in love with myself.

Well, sort of.

I have been absent the last week or so (I know it's been more than a week...please forgive me) because I've experienced the throes of passion- writer style. No, I'm not talking about romance or erotica, though with proper motivation, I can write those too. I'm talking about the raw thrill of writing. I'm talking about getting down and dirty with a project. I'm talking about baring myself and diving into a situation with fervor. I'm talking about total immersion in emotion; letting the tension build until I'm trembling and begging for release.

I've gone off the deep end, breathed in the darkness, and I'm fading fast.

It shows no signs of stopping.

And it feels good.