Thursday, September 3, 2015

Done, Done, DONE!

That's right. Book four of the current series is DONE!

*does happy dance*

I feel accomplished, but considering how long it took me to write this book, I'm not shooting off confetti cannons. It's more like, "Ah...finally..." I started this book back in November of 2012. At the time, I wrote somewhere around five thousand words. And then it sat there. Then I upped it to twelve thousand. And then it sat there. Then all the way up to nineteen thousand.
Three years later...

*throws confetti*

On one hand, I'm a little annoyed with myself. I wrote the first three books in as long as it took to finish this one. On the other hand, I only really wrote like three months out of those three years, so it's still an accomplishment. And 90k in three months is an accomplishment.

Alas, it's not over. And I'm not talking about editing. There's at least one more book in this series before I can get to the one that's been nibbling at my brain almost since I started. It will involve some of the same characters, but take place way in the future (that's where aging ridiculously slow comes in handy) and deal with a whole different side of the story. I'm excited about that. But now I have to get through another novel first. Silly characters. Don't you know when enough is enough?

There were some deaths in this book. One had to happen. Another was rather unexpected and when these get published, will probably piss off a lot of people. My favorite character was granted a reprieve, though, so there. Sometimes you have to make the author happy and give them a cookie before chaining them to their computer for another three years.

It's really good timing too, because I'm having surgery next week and I won't be able to sit at the computer for a while.

Yay me!


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  1. Trying to carve out time to wander blogs again.

    Congrats on finishing your book! Sometimes these things take awhile *cough* years *cough*. Happens to many of us. :)