Friday, April 15, 2011


I suffer from Literary ADD. I jump from book to book and change projects like socks. It's a curse. And it's also why I've written so many novels.

So, what's the downside if I've gotten nine novels out of it? I can't stick to a project long enough to get it ready to sub for publication. I have a lot of really great rough drafts. I have several fantastic stories in various states of revision. But the only manuscript I'd be proud to sub, as is, is my novel Chosen. Unfortunately, it's the first in a series of four, so I'm not looking to have that published first.

I don't have unrealistic expectations. I expect my first book (when published) to flop, sales wise. Maybe it will generate interest, but it would take a miracle for it to be nationally recognized. And if it does flop, I don't want to drag an awesome series down with it.

It's not that I'm not disciplined. If motivated (or on a deadline) I can write/edit/revise like the wind. But even when I make a personal deadline, life gets in the way. And I suppose it doesn't bother me that much. I'm young. There's time. But someday there won't be.

I'd prefer to be famous before then.

- Liz


  1. Nine and young. Yay! You'll do it.

  2. Revisions will catch on with you eventually. Then you'll have revision ADD, everything will be ready to for puplication and you'll go nuts trying to figure out which one of your awesome babies to start with. ;)

  3. Then I suppose I'll have a whole new problem to blog about, eh?

  4. I went through a period of that kind of ADD. I called it "wipdithering". Now I'm stuck in revision hell because I'm determined to lick my one finished baby into shape.

    I envy you the creative energy to have written so many novels, even if they are still only rough drafts.

  5. I suppose it's the perk of being a compulsive writer :)

    Good luck on the revisions!