Unnamed Trilogy #1

The Guardian (85k)- Second revision done.

There's something different about Samara. She remembers things in detail after glancing at them. She has remarkable reflexes. And she dreams about things that sometimes seem like they happened in another life. But as the adoptive daughter of the headmaster of the most prominent educational institution of the Technological Society, she has no business being different. She's supposed to be an example of what an education at the Academy can do. And her father sometimes goes to extremes to ensure that example is a good one.

But her father's strict rule has led her to a cycle of delinquency and punishment that often has serious consequences. When he decides that it's best for everyone to place her in a different environment, Samara is forced to experience life outside the walls of the Academy for the first time in her life.

Sent out into the world in the care of a man she barely knows, Samara finally gets a taste of what peaceful living can be like. She builds relationships that aren't based on favors and obligations. But a celebration gone wrong catapults her into a world far away from the reaches of society, where she experiences human behavior in its most basic form. Now she must fight to survive the grasp of a man too much like her father with none of the boundaries of a father/daughter relationship.

Far beneath the surface, in the deepest reaches of space, Samara discovers a truth beyond her comprehension. And, with it, comes a lifetime of obligation and an enemy she never expected.

Book 2 (87k)- Second revision done.

Samara's settling into her new life at Marabey Mansion, but something's wrong with Admin. She knows there is, but she just can't put her finger on it. He's been pulling away from everyone, acting strangely, and all their friends are worried. But she doesn't have time to investigate. She doesn't even have time to sleep anymore. But it doesn't matter. He'll be fine, won't he?

Book 3 (152k)- Rough draft

Life's a mess and Samara just can't take it anymore. Relationships are falling apart left and right, the house is constantly under attack, and dying people keep showing up at her doorstep. No one is safe. But there's just this nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach, telling her that she's missing something. There's something bigger than a war going on here and she's going to find out what.

Sci-fi/fantasy novels