Chosen One Series

Chosen (80k)- Complete

Anika is the Chosen One. She lives a life in the spotlight, visits sick children, gives grand speeches. She's a rolemodel, a cherished member of the community. But she's not happy. The last hundred years haven't brought her any closer to the truth about her parents or where she came from and she wants to know more. But someone is keeping secrets. Going to the only people she knows she can trust, the Divines, she's presented with an idea that will not only shake the very foundation of her life, but ultimately prove that she's much more than Fate's puppet.

Runaway (74k)- Complete.

Zara is the next Chosen One. At twelve years old she is expected to remain a dignified diplomat, mind her manners, and play nice in the world of politics. But she's just a girl. She doesn't want to be anything more. And trying to live up to her Keeper's expectations is proving to be more difficult every day.

But when the Gatekeeper goes missing, everything changes. Fighting to find her identity in a world of rules and regulations, Zara is faced with complications that will challenge not only her view of the world, but how she sees herself.

Vision (94k)- Complete.

War efforts have begun between Rue Court and Merdel. And while Queen Olicia stays safely in Ushi territory, outsiders have been called to attack those who protect the Chosen One. Her intent is clear: to kill those responsible for slandering the name of the royal family.

But after four long years of dodging energy balls, Anika is getting tired of playing by the rules. She has a Chosen One to protect and with the Gatekeeper now in her custody, things are more complicated than ever. But even in the midst of the chaos and confusion created by a monarch half a galaxy away, one thing is clear: they can't live this way forever.

Changes (7k)- Rough draft unfinished.

With Queen Olicia's attack on the Galean Senate fresh in everyone's mind, the Council decides to side with Anika to form an alliance against the Ushi government. Their actions are met with hostility, which can only lead to one thing: war.

While the battle rages on in the outside world, tensions increase at Rue Court. With Malia fresh out of rehab, she throws herself into teaching Anika to master her powers in case of attack. Charlie and Thor try to keep their new relationship a secret from an increasingly suspicious Marlow. Zara experiences the trials and tribulations of her first love while Anika and Jaden try to figure out how to turn a twenty-year friendship into something more.

And while they fight to discover the truth behind the strange visions Zara has been having, they uncover something else. Things in the physical realm are changing. And there may be no way to stop it.

Sci-fi/fantasy novels