Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going off the Rails on a Crazy Train

It's shameful how little I've been blogging lately. I would like to say that I've been off somewhere, spending hours upon hours writing a great masterpiece. Unfortunately, if there's a masterpiece in me, it's going to need a little coercing to come out.

It's not that I'm incapable of writing. On the contrary, I started book four of my fantasy series recently. And while that series has brought me years of entertainment (and annoyance) to date, and I've been very careful to find the perfect one-word title for each book, it was the title of this book that seems to have been a turning point for me. I know it's cliche (and as a novelist, who isn't bound to use one sooner or later?), but I decided to call it Changes. Upon discovering that this was the title, and the only title that would work, my life began to deteriorate. I can't say that my life wasn't in a serious state of disrepair before now, but there's something about that title (or maybe it's just the fact that I'm creating something) that signaled a change.

Because of that, or perhaps in spite of it, I've been running around for the last week like a chicken with my head cut off. And not in a good way (though I'm sure that for a chicken, it's never good). But I'm hopeful that something good will come of it. It's very possible that in the near future, my day job will be no more, and I'll have days, weeks, and possibly months to figure out a better way of living while I look for another. It may lead to writing being my main source of income. It will more than likely lead to a career change and very possibly to relocation.

But what a story it's going to make.



  1. Wow! That sounds like a lot of changes to take on board all at once. I wish you well...with both Changes the novel, and changes in real life.

  2. Thank you :)

    I'm hoping some of those changes will be for the best.