Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting My Tech On

Okay, so I've been watching far too many episodes of Dollhouse. It is wickedly delicious in all things mad scientist, and as a sci-fi writer, I have to tip my hat to Joss Whedon.

A conspiracy theory based on brainwashing might not be a new idea, but it's always nice to see a different take on it. I'm a big fan of this because I wrote a novel (okay, it's technically a novella until I add three thousand words), about it. Well, sort of. It was before I saw Dollhouse (which I started watching this weekend- thank you Netflix for sucking up hours of free time that could have been better spent writing a masterpiece that will earn me millions someday in the near future), and there aren't all that many similarities, but still. It's a good topic. Maybe it's not original, but there's nothing wrong with putting a little shine on old reliable.

I bring this up with a purpose. Dollhouse (and all shows like it) are all about technology. I am embracing technology. How am I doing this? By putting a new "follow me" link in the sidebar, that's how!

I admit it's shameless advertising, but how else am I going to do it? So, yeah. Click it, follow me, say nice things. Or don't. Say nasty things (though I'd prefer if you didn't), or maybe just friend me to prevent further posts such as these. It might save you from the rambling.

But probably not.


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